Polilux is a new, dynamic, and innovative BOPP manufacturer In Turkey. Since its foundation in 2016, Polilux has continued to enrich its services and provide its customers with excellent quality products. With an annual capacity of 30000 MT, Polilux is also equipped with a state-of-the art 8000 MT metalizing machine.

Here in Polilux, our top priority is to establish a reliable communication with our customers in order to identify their needs and provide them with the best solutions.

By relying on our expert employees and utilizing modern technologies, Polilux delivers solution oriented services and high quality films used in flexible packaging, labeling, and textile applications with different thicknesses.


To satisfy and fulfill the needs and expectations of its customers, POLİLUX PLASTİK FİLM SANAYİ A.Ş., provides safe and legal products, service, and after sales services with defined quality.
Serving food industries has necessitated us to follow documentation and continuity of all systems through Quality Documentation Management System (QDMS).

Moreover, POLILUX has been certified with:
● ISO 9001:2015,

In compliance with global packaging materials standards, Polilux takes up most precautions for the threats toward product safety, and provides legal and high quality products that will not cause any harm to consumers. Polilux also continues to improve its products and the efficiency of Quality and Food Safety due to expectations of the market.


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Address: Ulaş OSB Mah. 105. Sk. 3/1 Ergene Tekirdağ Türkiye

Sales Tel/Fax: +90 282 686 70 00  Ext. 126

Sales E-mail:  Sales@polilux.com

marketing E-mail:   marketing@polilux.com